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Angus and Composite Bulls

Saturday, February 16, 2013
At the farm in Ridge Spring, SC

Yon Bull Sale Updates - February 14, 2013

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February 2013 Sale Bulls
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Lots 1-3 Sired by Yon Future Focus T219
Lot 4 - Sired by SAV Final Answer

Lots 6-7 Sired by SAV Final Answer
Lots 8-9 Sired by GAR Predestined

Lot 10 - Sired by Kesslers Frontman
Lots 11 Sired by Yon Traveler S336
Lot 12 - Sired by Yon Final Answer W494
Lot 13- Sired by Sitz Upward

Lot 14 - Sired by Sitz Upward
Lot 15- Sired by Connealy Stimulus
Lot 17 - Sired by Yon Final Call
Lot 18 Sired by N Bar Emulation EXT

Lots 19-22
Full ET Brothers Sired by
Connealy Freightliner out of Yon Sarah N170

Lot 23 - Sired by KMK Alliance
Lot 25 & 26 Sired by Yon Legend W454
Lot 29 & 30 Sired by Yon Future Focus T219

Lots 60-64 Sired by Olie
Lot 65 - Sired by In Dew Time

Lot 66-68 Sired by In Dew Time
Lot 69-70 Sired by Olie
Lot 71 Sired by Yon Traveler S336

Lot 83 Sired by LT Bluegrass

Lot 1 - Yon Future Focus Z475

Lot 2 - Yon Future Focus Z333

Lot 3 - Yon Future Focus Z370

Lot 4 - Yon Final Answer Z322

Lot 6 - Yon Final Answer Z429

Lot 8 - Yon Predestined Z271

Lot 9 - Yon Predestined Z271

Lot 10 - Yon Frontman Z227

Lot 11 - Yon Traveler Z458

Lot 12 - Yon Final Answer Z378

Lot 13 - Yon JMK Upward Z718

Lot 14 - Yon Upward Z029

Lot 17 - Yon Final Call Z229

Lot 19 - Yon Freightliner Z384

Lot 20 - Yon Freightliner Z472

Lot 21 - Yon Freightliner Z492

Lot 25 - Yon Alliance Z285

Lot 28 - Yon Future Focus Z314

Lot 36 - Yon Final Answer Z034

Lot 45 - Yon Retail Product Z932

Lot 60 - Yon Olie Z405

Lot 61 - Yon Olie Z035

Lot 62 - Yon Olie Z221

Lot 63 - Yon Olie Z353

Lot 64 - Yon Olie Z403

Lot 65 - Yon Dew Time Z274

Lot 105 - Yon Final Product Z421

Lot 106 - Yon Final Product Z267

Lot 110 - Yon Substance Z439



Yon Bulls Add Value

* CALVING EASE, GROWTH, MATERNAL, AND CARCASS BULLS sired by leading proven AI sires. 14-17 months old, weighing 1300-1500 lbs.

*FREE DELIVERY in SC and Surrounding States
(Continental US with $4000 total purchase)

*SIGHT UNSEEN PURCHASES GUARANTEED. Phone bids handled confidentially.

*SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  for one full year from purchase.

VIDEOS will be posted on Website and Facebook the first week of February.

For more information about EPD's and Indexes:

Contact us at kyon@pbtcomm.net for catalogs or to request a video.

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