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Congratulations to the 2012 S.C. Cattlemen of the Year! - Graham "Mister" Dubose from Rembert, S.C., a long-time bull customer of Yon Family Farms. Well deserved.

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Clinton, NC Friends

Lawson Family

Mr. Harry and Uncle Buck

The Phillips

The Flemings

Mr. Bradshaw

Bruce Porter, Rural Retreat, VA

Buck Bell

Darren Carter and Wes Knight at the
Saluda Heifer Sale

Gary & Justin Leaird

Henry Nance

Hugh Merchant is always on hand!

John Rogers looks over the bulls

Kenneth Bickley

Shannon & Ronnie Forbis

Terry Kirkland

The Dail Family from NC

The Smith Family

The Walkers from Mocksville, NC

The West Virginia Delegation


At Yon Family Farms, we try to provide services for our customers. We offer Delivery, Bull Leasing Options, and Marketing Assistance and try to learn about our customers operations in an effort to serve them better. This page is a new addition to our website to feature and recognize our customers. You are welcome to submit news and photos to the Yons for possible use on this page!

Marketing Assistance
We grouped together 3 loads of preconditioned customer seers with excellent herd health programs to ship to Lane County Feeders in Kansas this December. On these loads were cattle from RM Watsons in Ridge Spring, Clinton & Vanoy Clark in Saluda, Woody Padget from Saluda, Cecil Greene from Jackson, Leonard Hogan from Waynesboro, GA, and David Kirk from Heath Springs, Earl Oswald in Batesburg, Joe Harrison in Johnston, and our Yon commercial steers.
We also work with Triangle H in Garden City and Decatur County Feedyards. We are happy to contacted potential buyers for loads of Yon sired cattle sold through other outlets.

Bubba Crosby, Claxton, GA with his 2004 calf crop

Bubba Crosby 2004 calves

Gray Davis, Angus breeder making selection
at Fall Sale

Applying EID's to customer calves headed to feedlot

Clinton & Vanoy Clark - Saluda County Cattlemen
of the Year 2004

Customer calves headed to feedlot

Headed to Kansas

James, Cecil and Joey Greene, Jackson, SC

Woody Padget ready to send his steers to feed

Next Please

Martin Trucking Does our Hauling

2004 Steers from the O'Dells Five Circle Farm
in Belton

William and Linda Rushton were selected as the 2004 Outstanding Purebred Producer of the year by the SC Cattlemen's Association. They are members of the Saluda County Cattlemen's association where they have played a vital role for years. They are a hard working team who love their Angus Cattle. They are astute reproductive managers and utilize the Heat Watch System to help them accurately detect heat for their AI program. William and Linda give great attention to detail and doing things right. Their herd has a heavy concentration of Yon Genetics and we are delighted to have them participate as a cooperator herd in our bull testing program. Integrity, herd health, proven genetics, and functional cattle are of great importance to the Rushtons. We are happy to have the Rushtons as friends, customers, and cooperators. We would be remiss if we didn't mention that it is especially good to have a banker, who happens to be William, that understands the cattle business!

Another Saluda County team, Clinton and Vanoy Clark, were awarded the 2004 Outstanding Commercial Producer of the year at the annual awards banquet of the SC Cattlemen's Association. The Clarks have one of the most well managed commercial herds in SC. They do a super job of keeping their entire herd on a thorough routine vaccination program. The Clarks have sent several groups of cattle to different feed yards as part of a couple of different alliances that provide them access to feedlot and carcass data on their calves. Not only have their cattle done well from a health standpoint, but they have learned that they are producing cattle with an acceptable end product. The Clarks plant winter and summer annuals for their cattle to graze and provide their young stock with supplemental by-product blends to keep them growing. They are annual participants in the outstanding Saluda County Replacement Heifer Sale held each February. We are proud to count the Clarks as bull customers and friends.

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